Amagami SS+ plus – First Impressions

The Winter 2011 Anime Season is here with a whole slew of new series to watch, with my favorite so far being Amagami SS+ plus.

The format is similar to the first season except with only 2 episodes per heroine. Since it starts with Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc, I’m assuming the arc order from season 1 is reversed, which means it’ll end with Morishima Haruka’s arc.

These short arcs take place after the 4-episode arcs in the previous season. So in the first episode, Tsukasa has already been going out with Junichi for a few weeks. I actually prefer these continuation stories since too many romance series end right after a couple is formed.

For some reason, it appears I never wrote a Final Impressions post for Amagami SS. I would rate it now at “Great” or maybe even “Excellent” because of its innovative format that flows just right. Amagami SS+ plus continues on with all the aspects that made the first season a joy to watch.

Rating: Great

3 Comments to “Amagami SS+ plus – First Impressions”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Just finished it and it was a nice after arc, Ayatsuji knew it was a trap. Nice End Art, too.
    Next after arc is for Rihoko, I hope it gets a better final than the first season.


    Reltair Reply:

    It was nice to see Ayatsuji be in control of the situation.

    I enjoyed this arc, but I have mixed feelings about the upcoming Rihoko arc since the first season finale was disappointing. Hopefully they continue on and we get a real ending this time.


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