Working’!! – Final Impressions

Although I didn’t do a First Impressions post for Working’!!, I feel it deserves mentioning.

The core formula remains the same in the second season with the same cast of characters and only a few new faces. My thoughts about the first season over a year ago still remains mostly true when applied to this season.

Inami’s relationship with Takanashi was the central focus for a few episodes, so it really feels like they’re pushing for that pairing. I found the episodes showing Takanashi’s household to be the most interesting since it gives a break from seeing Wagnaria all the time.

The only disappointment I had was the lack of Matsumoto during most of the series. When she was introduced in the final episode of the first season, I expected she would play a larger role in the future. However, even though you catch the occasional glimpse of her working diligently, she does not get scenes with dialogue until the final episode. Save the best for last I guess, but I do like how smoothly they integrate her into the final episode. All her interactions with her co-workers gives off the impression that she’s been watching their antics the entire time and putting up with it.

Rating: Great

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  1. exilehero says:

    Ah Working is such a great series. I really like how the characters play off of each other, very entertaining. This season was over in a flash though, it didn’t really feel like 12 episodes.

    And I think Matsumoto’s absence is supposed to be a kind of running gag. It makes sense since most of the scenes happen whenever, Takanashi or whoever, take a break. Matsumoto is always working so she never gets any screen time! haha


    Reltair Reply:

    These 12-13 episode series feel way too short.

    Haha, yeah that’s what I figured. I guess we won’t see her talk again until season 3 final episode. >_<


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