Chihayafuru – First Impressions

Besides Fate/Zero, all the other new series this season have been disappointing so far. That is, until I saw Chihayafuru today.

The story is about a high school girl named Chihaya who plays karuta (a Japanese card game). She wants to start a karuta club at her school and keep playing in the hopes that she will one day meet her friend from elementary school who first inspired her to take it up.

Chihaya’s tomboyish character fits perfectly with the semi-serious atmosphere of the series. There has been far too many “comedy” high school anime lately, so Chihayafuru is a welcome change. The first episode focuses on her past, but I hope they don’t devote too many of the initial episodes to it since I want to see what happens during the present. The two other main characters are both male, with hints of a future love triangle situation. However, I hope the focus will be mostly on competitive play and not on their relationships.

Chihayafuru should be a solid 25-episode journey into the world of karuta.

Rating: Good

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