No.6 – Final Impressions

What I thought would be one of my favorites this season instead turned out to be a disappointment.

The best thing No.6 had going for it was the futuristic city itself, which was not adequately explored. Multiple scenes focused on the honeycomb structure located in the center of the city making an eerie sound, but nothing was explained about it. There was also the scene where it showed the huge pile of dead people in the correctional facility. What was the point of even doing that since they apparently had no qualms about killing them in the open anyways? Why go through the trouble of bringing them to the facility if they’re just going to leave them to die in a room? I’m assuming they were selecting subjects for their experiment and everyone else was useless to them, but I don’t think it was specifically explained in regard to the town raids.

Furthermore, the story eventually led to an ending involving the supernatural that was quite absurd. I would have found it far more interesting if the series had stuck to using future technology instead of focusing on some bee god that has the power to create tornadoes and resurrect people. Then there are the characters themselves. I thought Safu was the best character, but she was unfortunately taken out of the picture. That left a Shion x Nezumi pairing, which I did not expect when first starting the show…

Rating: Mediocre

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  1. Lanir says:

    I felt like there were multiple story elements they could have explored better. The dog keeper for example. Her origin story was less interesting to me than just the way she chose to act and handle different people. They kind of hinted that Sion was the kind of person whose quality of character tended to bring out the best in everyone around him but then they only half-heartedly explored that. The only character who they really showed a full reaction to it with was Nezumi and he just gets this googly-eyed illusionary ideal of who Sion is that not even the unrealistically good Sion can live up to. Which felt more than a little strange.

    I find myself agreeing with everything you said. I think it had enough bits and pieces to be far more interesting but the focus was a bit odd. Basically it felt like a shoujo sci-fi series.


    Reltair Reply:

    It had the potential to be good, but fell apart in the end. I also didn’t expect it to be a shoujo/josei sci-fi series.

    Another point regarding the dog keeper was how Shion only later realized that she was in fact a girl, and no one else seemed to figure that out. When the dog keeper was first introduced, I always thought she was a girl. So it was a bit surprising later on to find out that everyone thought she was a boy. *shrug*


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