Figure Haven: Pre-order System

We finally have a pre-order system up and running on Figure Haven!

Placing a pre-order is as easy as going through our normal checkout process. Simply head over to our Pre-orders section and add the figures you want to your cart. Then checkout when you are ready and select “Bill me later” as your payment option. After placing the order, we will send you a PayPal invoice once your pre-order(s) arrive. Please pay the invoice in a timely manner and your order will be promptly shipped afterward.

We don’t believe in charging upfront for a product we don’t even have in-stock yet, so that’s why you only pay once it arrives and is ready to be shipped. With that said, please only place an order if you are planning on purchasing it for sure. We do allow cancellations for rare and dire situations, but we will no longer accept pre-orders from you if this becomes a repeated occurrence since we are left with more stock in our inventory than planned each time someone cancels.

I’ll be adding more pre-orders to the site as new figures become available from our distributors. Since we’re starting our pre-orders with new figures being released next year, I’ll be keeping the list of stuff we have arriving this year up on the Pre-orders informational page.

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