Figure Haven @ Anime Expo 2011 Announcements

I have a few quick announcements regarding AX and our site.

Since Figure Haven will be attending Anime Expo 2011, we will be closing online orders after 7:00pm PST on Tuesday (6/28). So if you’ve been wanting to purchase a particular figure, now would be the time to do so since we’re taking almost all our inventory to the convention. Online orders will most likely re-open after 11pm PST on Tuesday (7/5).

The Pre-orders page has been updated with prices. We will work on the pre-order system in the weeks following AX, but our pre-orders will most likely start with products releasing in 2012. So the current page mostly serves as a heads up on what we’re planning to have in-stock.

Once again, we will be at booth #422 so be sure to stop by and check us out! Figures from our latest shipment will be brought directly to the convention along with some larger figures that were never put into our online store.

The guest list is now quite comprehensive, with tons of guests of honor this year. You might see us wandering around the Exhibitor’s Hall, or even at the Kalafina and Maon Kurosaki concerts since it’s hard to pass up these events!

We look forward to seeing you at AX!!

2 Comments to “Figure Haven @ Anime Expo 2011 Announcements”

  1. Han says:

    Just wondering but are you going to charge when the buyer pre-orders or charge when you guys are about to ship and such? I just think the latter would allow for accurate pricing (if there’s a price change due to distributor) and less stressful for the buyers who might not have money at the moment but want to pre-order a number of different figures that have significant gaps in release times.
    Either way, I’m glad FH is developing and growing. I’m guessing you guys will still take requests for figures that would be added to pre-order list?


    Reltair Reply:

    Hey, we’re planning to charge for pre-orders (via PayPal invoice) when the figure actually arrives and is in-stock since we don’t like it ourselves when stores make you pay the full price upfront for a pre-order. 🙂

    Thanks! Yeah, you can always contact us if there’s an upcoming figure you’re looking for. The pre-order list is somewhat out of date at the moment, but I’ll try to keep it more accurate after the pre-order system is in. I think a lot of the figures currently on the list will actually be at AX since we have both the June and July shipments there.


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