Figure Haven @ FanimeCon 2011: Aftermath

The Figure Haven site is now completely operational again with our inventory up to date.

Unfortunately, the only photos I took were of our booth on Day 0. The rest of the days mostly consisted of just handling sales and standing around. Oh well, at least you can see our layout. I think we were the only booth to have ALTER, GSC, and Max Factory figures out on display. We also had a shelf dedicated to displaying nendos, nendo petites, and figmas. It’s nice to be able to see the actual figure out on display instead of just in the box when deciding on your purchase.

Other than being in the Dealer’s Hall, the only thing I attended was the charity auction. All the items I wanted skyrocketed out of my price range, such as a Rei Ayanami sketch that went for $6300. It was still fun to be there though and see the bidding wars.

We will definitely be returning to Fanime next year and have already registered as a dealer once again. The fun doesn’t stop though since we will be at Anime Expo 2011 in less than a month as an exhibitor!

3 Comments to “Figure Haven @ FanimeCon 2011: Aftermath”

  1. ai-chan says:


    I found your blog thanks to myfigurecollection.

    I was wondering if you can post a close-up of the shelf used to display the figures.

    I’ve been scouting for similar shelf to keep my figurines ^_^

    Have a good day!


    Reltair Reply:

    Hey, nice to see a fellow figure enthusiast.

    The shelves we used in our booth are except in black instead of chrome. I don’t think they’re that good for displaying figures at home and prefer to use glass shelves/cabinets from IKEA instead. Hope that helps. *shrug*

    Have a great weekend! ^^;


    Reltair Reply:

    Oh, here’s a link to the black one


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