Aksys Games – Japan Benefit Sale

Aksys Games is running a sale in their online store until March 24th where 100% of what you spend there will be donated to charity efforts in Japan.

Here is a quote from their CEO, Akibo Shieh:

The thoughts and prayers of our staff are with the people of Japan. We have many friends, relatives, and business partners who have found themselves suddenly faced with a level of tragedy that most of us can scarcely imagine. The scale of destruction is immense, but we have no doubt that with a combined effort it can be reversed, and every contribution—no matter the size—will play an important part in doing so. We can all play a part in helping Japan overcome this crisis.
With that in mind, we at Aksys Games would like to announce the following sale. It will run from today until March 24th, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity efforts in Japan. If you can’t afford to buy anything, spread the word. Together, we can help.

Aksys is awesome for putting so much effort into contributing to those in need in Japan.

Take a look around their store, they have many good games for sale. So if you were thinking of donating anyways, this is a large incentive to do so.

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