Dollars BBS

If you are watching Durarara!!, then you have probably seen the Dollars BBS that Mikado and other members post on.

Like many others before me, I became interested in actually recreating the site.

The first task was to make the login page. A friend from UCLA (mm) looked at snapshots from the anime and created the logo from scratch. Thanks, mm!

Then looking at this and other snapshots, I recreated the login page to stay as true to the anime as possible.

As for the BBS itself, I decided to use the Kareha script and modified it to suit my needs.

There wasn’t really any good close-ups of the board itself until the more recent episodes.

I haven’t really worked on the site until this week. The login page was up, but it didn’t lead to anywhere (I blame school projects and other work).

The goal here is to make the discussion board look as close to the anime one as possible.

There is no user registration and anonymous posting is allowed just like 2chan and 4chan. Personally, it’s much more likely that I’ll post if I can do it right away without having to register and put in an email.

Of course, the functionality and features isn’t the same as what they have in the anime.

This is still a work in progress and there’s always room for improvement (it’s still missing some things!). I’ll be modifying/updating the BBS at random times.

Feel free to leave suggestions here or on the board itself.

The URL for Dollars BBS is []. Probably everyone knows by now, but the password is “baccano” (same as in the anime).

Please keep it clean and enjoy!

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  1. Reltair says:

    No problem, Dollars BBS creates a session cookie on successful login and each page checks for a specific value in the cookie. If the cookie/value does not exist, then it redirects them. This is probably not the most efficient way to do this, but it was from a long time ago. Good luck!


    Dinglebottom Reply:

    I was banned from your site, I don’t know why, but I would really like to get back on. Please help!


  2. Beckie says:

    Hi I love that page very much :))
    Thank yoz but I still have the same problem – I cant go to chatrooms … so sorry for bothering you but I dont know if I have a problem or its just not finished yet. Thank you for your time :))


    Reltair Reply:

    Hi, thanks!

    The Chatrooms tab just goes to a page that has links to these two chats:

    You can go to those 2 chat sites directly (they’re not developed by me).


  3. Thaina says:

    Hi guys I’m new in this what should I do


  4. Robin says:

    Is it currently possible to pm, if so, how? I am very new to the site, but not the concept.


    Reltair Reply:

    Unfortunately, there is no PM functionality.


  5. SKAP says:

    Hello, Reltair. Do you still check in from time to time to maintain the dollars page? Is the admin email up to date? The page is an amazing creation, thank you so much for help in develop ing the online dollars comunity!!!


  6. anonymous says:

    greeting… thank you for all your hardwork… i hope you still sometimes check the site,fefewoooii


  7. TW says:

    How come when I click the “update” button or any other, for that matter, it brings me back to the log in page?

    Very nice site, btw! Thanks for your hard work. ^_^


  8. MiYuKi says:

    Hi Reltair-san

    I don’t know if you heard but recently there has been this region leaders talk going around the Dollars webpage. What is your idea on this? A lot of people seem to agree that they should be these advisors for each region. The members have increased and some people want there to be someone they can go to. Sorry if you already wrote a thread to this subject and that I wasted your time

    from MiYuKi


  9. NinicoUchiha says:

    Hey what is the password I can not get in with the one you have on here can you send me the new one please to my email thx


    Reltair Reply:

    Hi, the password is still “baccano”.


    Dinglebottom Reply:

    Need to get back on! I was banned and I don’t know why! Help me????!!!1


  10. Dinglebottom says:

    Please help me. I was banned and I don’t know why. I really like the site, and want to get back on. I need some help. Thank you!


    Kurosuke Reply:

    @Dinglebottom there a few things that might have lead to you being banned.

    first, you shitposted many times.
    second, you had a fight with most of the members.
    third, you were impersonating.
    fourth, you were necrobumping a lot of stuff.
    lastly, you might have duplicate posted.

    Im a regular there.. Is your name there Dinglebottom too??

    if you’re name there is :


    i don’t think you’ll be able to go back. 🙂


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