Sora no Woto Final Impressions

The most surprising anime from the Winter 2009 season in terms of development – Sora no Woto.

My initial impressions were off by a long shot; don’t be fooled by the K-ON! style character designs, this series has a solid story that wants to be told.

It effectively utilizes each of the 12 episodes in moving the plot forward while unraveling the persona of each character along the way. While they may display a carefree attitude, their past contains memories of the previous war and the tragedies associated with it. Just like a real person, no character only has one side.

I love how the anime begins with a cheerful and carefree atmosphere, situated in a peaceful town seemingly unaffected by the previous war. Then as the series progresses, things start to become more serious as the peace talks grind to a halt and everything builds up to the climax. It is at that moment you appreciate all the intricacies and details revealed to us before. Afterwords, it ends abruptly and leaves us wanting more, even though the conclusion was perfectly fine.

After finishing Sora no Woto, I must say that it deserves an improved rating on my part.

Rating: Excellent


6 Comments to “Sora no Woto Final Impressions”

  1. I did hear that the ending was just somewhat predictable, but that’s something that hopefully won’t bother me when I get to that scene. So far, what I’ve seen has been enjoyable and I’ll be looking to marathon it to the finish sometime tomorrow.


  2. Fabrice says:

    I havent finished it yet, still lagging on ep 6 =/
    i have to say i not really impressed about it, its just the whole thing is kinda weird to me.
    anyway i guess ill have to finish it.


  3. Reltair says:

    @zzeroparticle: I agree that it was somewhat predictable, but still enjoyable nevertheless. At least this series is easier to marathon with its short length.

    @Fabrice: Halfway through! We all have our own tastes, but still worth it to finish. ^^


  4. Yi says:

    Review sounds really good. I think I’ll pick this up then.


    Reltair Reply:

    I wrote this close to when I finished the last episode, so I was probably still caught up in the moment. 🙂


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