Happy Chinese New Year 2010!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I hope you all have a prosperous Year of the Tiger! Yesterday and today my family and I just did what we usually do every year. We visited our relatives and had ourselves a family dinner, and of course I received some red envelopes.

Otherwise, I just sat at home and played video games. Did you do anything special this year to celebrate?


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6 Comments to “Happy Chinese New Year 2010!”

  1. Thank goodness you have the year of the Taiga in that picture, though a Saber ~ Tiger Version would have been fine too. Here’s hoping for good things to happen this year!


  2. Yi says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Since everyone in my family now live in different places, I didn’t really do anything special.
    Good luck to all this year.


  3. Optic says:

    My family still managed to visit a few relatives but not as many compared to the past. As for me, I had work. 🙁

    Times change when u get older. Just life and we move on.

    And Gong Xi Fa Cai to u too mate. ^^


  4. Brett says:

    Not once have I celebrated CNY 🙁 but it sounds like a lot of fun! Any celebration is a good one, but I guess since I am not any part Asian, let alone Chinese, that my family or I don’t celebrate it.


  5. Ruby says:

    Happy CNY! ^.^ me and my family just did the usual stuff too! just had dinner at my grandma house which is soo boring, I got a lot of red envelopes 😀 I dont want to sound like a retard or anything but I just found out today that it’s not only chinese/asians that celebrates CNY, people in India also celebrate it too, I had no idea o_o


  6. Reltair says:

    @zzeroparticle: Haha, here’s to a great year!

    @Yi: Good luck to you as well. Hopefully you’ll be able to do something special next time since college will be over. 😀

    @Optic: Yeah, I noticed that. Just life and move on indeed. ^^

    @Brett: Makes sense. =P

    @Ruby: o_O Family dinners are a bit boring for me as well.


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