Fate/stay night UBW Main Theme Single

The main theme for the Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works movie is out!

Title: Fate-stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Main Theme Single – Voice ~Tadori Tsuku Basho~
Artist: Tainaka Sachi
Street Release Date: January 20, 2010


1. Voice ~Tadori Tsuku Basho~

2. Sunao ni Natte

3. Voice ~Tadori Tsuku Basho~ (instrumental)
4. Sunao ni Natte (instrumental)


You can download the single over at Nipponsei, but I strongly urge you to purchase it as well. It’s well worth it!

Now we just have to wait for the movie to be released on DVD or Blu-ray.

2 Comments to “Fate/stay night UBW Main Theme Single”

  1. I’m biased against disillusion, so this is far better than the TV’s OP by a long shot (both of them for that matter). That’s just me though, but I thought this one was just a more expressive, which alone curries favor with me a whole lot more.

    B side sounds like generic pop, but the intro makes me D:


    Reltair Reply:

    Haha, I know of other people biased against disillusion. I want to see some scenes where these songs are used, but we’ll have to wait for the movie for that.


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