Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~

A Wonder Festival 2010 exclusive: Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~

As you might expect from the resemblance to Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~, this figure is also made by Good Smile Company. She is of 1/7 scale and will be priced at a modest 9,000 yen.

You can either buy her at Wonder Festival 2010 on February 7th, or order her online at the Goodsmile Online Shop between February 8th and 13th. For people in the United States like me, it seems like we’re going to have to use a proxy service if we want to order from the online shop.

GSC sure knows how to make me spend money because there’s no way I’m passing this one up. Now I need to find a proxy service that’s able to order this for me.


Image Source: Good Smile Company

12 Comments to “Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~”

  1. I think I’ll sit this one out. While I was quite pleased with the other SL figure, I think my finances are in a bit of a precarious position, given my ordering that Reimu figma so yeah, pass :p

    Looks good for any hardcore Saber fan with money though.


  2. zenical says:

    I want the Nendo Yui and Mio… Argh. This is a pass for me since I’m not a saber fan at all :D.


  3. Ryujikun619 says:

    The First Saber Lily was a good statue, and this one is just as great, but to me it doesnt look as attractive.. plus the face doesnt sit well with me either. Dont get me wrong, I like this but I think im content with the first one.


  4. Reltair says:

    @zzeroparticle: I think the ~Distant Avalon~ version looks better, but I’m still going to get this. Saber fan right here!

    @zenical: Oh, I’m passing on those nendos, but my brother is probably getting those. Not a Saber fan?!

    @Ryujikun619: First one was more attractive, but I agree that this one’s still good.


  5. Yi says:

    I actually like this more petite feel compared to the first one. Unfortunately, her skirt feels kind of weird. In the end, I think I still prefer this one.


    Reltair Reply:

    The ~Distant Avalon~ also has a better facial expression in my opinion. I see what you mean about the petite feel, but her battle armor is pretty pro.


  6. Optic says:

    I prefer ~Distant Avalon~ quite honestly because of her facial expression. I find her the overall outfit makes her looks weird overall.


    Reltair Reply:

    Yeah, her expression is a bit too neutral for my tastes, but I think the outfit is okay. It’s just your ordinary, everyday battle at a dance party.


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