I started reading this manga today and quickly finished the 31 chapters that were translated. Now I want more.

A very brief summary of what it’s all about:

The son of a legendary swordsman is representing one of the sons of the ruler in a martial arts tournament that will determine which one of his 31 sons will succeed him. Lots of battles, action, and killing.

Gamaran was better than I expected when I initially picked it up. I prefer seeing a main character that’s already pro instead of a weakling that miraculously levels up.


Image Source: Manga Fox

2 Comments to “〜GAMARAN〜”

  1. Shazzsteel says:

    For a second I thought he was just a chubby version of Naruto >.<, I'm assuming there isn't a anime version of this yet?


    Reltair Reply:

    Nope, but I can easily imagine an anime being made for this. That’s not how he normally looks too. I just thought that it was amusing.


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