Dragon Age Origins: Initial Impressions


I picked up Dragon Age: Origins for the PC during Black Friday and finally got around to playing it for a few hours tonight.

This game feels very similar to Neverwinter Nights and in some regards is WoW-like – especially when using WASD movement. My main character is an Elven Mage: I always choose to play the magic classes if possible.

The main storyline seems a bit stereotypical but that does not take away from the game. I have been a fan of BioWare games since Baldur’s Gate, and this is no exception.

I am looking forward to spending 100+ hours or whatever is needed to fully complete the game, and then messing around with the toolkit that allows users to create their own content.

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  1. Ke says:

    I remember playing NWN. It was a great experience, but when the female lead betrayed my character and then in KOTOR the female lead sorta betrayed my chracter, I started doubting BIOWARE’s ability to construct interesting stories. Ok, I might be being a bit extreme… Please post a review of the game when you finish 🙂


  2. Yi says:

    I saw the trailer and it looked really really good. I don’t play many games, but this might something I want to play. The trailer just looks too cool.


  3. Micchi says:

    I played a little bit of this on the PS3 when over at a friend’s place. It was pretty fun. Played elven archer, as always.


  4. Reltair says:

    @Ke: BioWare games are all very similar. Probably will take a while for me to finish. =/

    @Yi: I didn’t even see the trailer before buying it. =O

    @Micchi: Elven archer pro.


  5. zenical says:

    I saw this game for the PS3, was tempted but held back due to time constraints with school, anime, blogging :(.

    hopefully when WKC and FFXII comes, I will be able to have the time!


    Reltair Reply:

    So much to do, so little time.

    I’ve been waiting for WKC for ages now. =/


    zenical Reply:

    Like to add in Dynasty Warriors and Yakuza 3 (both ps3) which will be hitting the stores around the same period. Oh gosh, even more games to play now! -_-


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