Say Hello to Black Jack


Well, I’m back from a hectic academic week. When I was taking a short break from studying, I saw this manga and decided to quickly read it.

I guess I like the medical genre since I have read quite a few manga in that category. This one contains the usual drama regarding Japan’s medical system and is quite a good read.

Image Source: One Manga

7 Comments to “Say Hello to Black Jack”

  1. Yi says:

    Reminds me of Shiroi Kyoto. I liked that quite a bit.


  2. Optic says:

    “You should be studying” 😛


  3. Guy says:

    I wonder how most people who read “medical drama” would feel if they spent several hours in an ER. They’d likely realize all the drama they watch is nothing like what happens.

    As for relationships between doctors? That’s just like what happens in every office, with the petty annoyances and such, but add in stress and working shifts.


  4. Reltair says:

    @Yi: Hmm, a drama – not too knowledgable about those. They should make more anime series in this area.

    @Optic: It’s okay, I was just taking a break and I read pretty fast.

    @Guy: Yeah, this applies to most anime/dramas though which are nothing like their real world counterparts. This is all for the entertainment factor.


  5. Ningyo says:

    wait, wait, you’ve lost me. Is this supposed to be *THE* Black Jack? The miracle surgeon who made a little girl from an encapsulated tumor? Because I sure don’t see Osamu Tezuka on the cover…


    Reltair Reply:

    Not sure if this is related to *THE* Black Jack.


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