Winter Sonata: First Impressions

Winter Sonata


Tranquil background music, great visuals (especially for the settings), and serious drama. This is what Winter Sonata seems to be made of. In episode 0, vexing issues are already appearing in the characters’ lives and in the relationship between them.

The original actors from the live action Korean drama that it’s based on are doing the voices, so there’s Japanese and English subtitles. I guess it’s a nice change of pace hearing Korean dialogue.

The series feels like it’s going to be slow paced with a depressing atmosphere, but I’m just speculating and later episodes could definitely change this.

Rating: Good

5 Comments to “Winter Sonata: First Impressions”

  1. Well, it is adapted from a k-drama, so depressing is about right in terms of atmosphere and all. I do have an aversion to k-dramas though, so I’ll probably be sitting this one out until I hear positive reports. Time’s been short for me :\


  2. Yi says:

    It’s in Korean?
    I used to watch a lot of K-drama, but eventually they all seem to follow a similar pattern, and I switched to J-drama.
    Not on my watch list unless this turns out to be absolutely amazing.


  3. Snark says:

    Holy shit. This looks like the most boring thing ever.


  4. Princess God says:

    Only people who finished the original drama would understand episode 0. But they did a great job in animating the memorable scenes.


  5. Reltair says:

    @zzeroparticle: Not really a fan of K-dramas, but I’ll still watch this since I’m curious about the ending.

    @Yi: Yeah, pretty interesting that they chose to do it in Korean.

    @Snark: Just taking it slow. =D

    @Princess God: The animation quality is fairly high and the way it is presented does seem like it was adapted from a drama.


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