Fall 2009 Anime Season: First Impressions (Part 2)

Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini


Finally the first episode of the second season of Darker than Black has been released and it doesn’t disappoint. New characters take up most of the screen time in the first episode, but some memorable faces make an appearance. There’s also an epic fight scene already. It’s BK-201! Hei needs to get a haircut.

Rating: Excellent

Kimi ni Todoke


Since I saw that Production I.G. was working on this, I had high expectations for this series – and they were met beyond what I had anticipated. It’s basically a romantic semi-comedy between a girl that reminds me somewhat of Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge with her amusing expressions and a “cheerful” guy. Series has a lot of potential, looking forward to seeing how the story develops.

Rating: Excellent



Hm, the plot is kind of weird with lots of things left unexplained thus far. However, that serves to make me interested in watching more. By the way, the monsters that appear in the episode look pretty gg.

Rating: Good



A clumsy girl from another world along with a talking stuffed dog sidekick goes around helping people. Plus she also has mad soup-making skills and is pro at singing. Entertaining to watch – a great job by CLAMP.

Rating: Very Good

Sora no Otoshimono


Fanservice anime of the season. Some boy gets an angel servant that can grant any and all wishes he desires. This leads to trouble as would be expected. It’s also amusing that he’s voiced by Souichirou Hoshi, the seiyuu for Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed.

Rating: Decent

Sasameki Koto


Wow, more yuri? Is this a fad in Japan at the moment or something? No thanks, do not want.

Rating: Ugh

5 Comments to “Fall 2009 Anime Season: First Impressions (Part 2)”

  1. Still have so much to check out, but it looks like Kimi ni Todoke has gotten a lot of positive press lately. Kobato was more like ARIA-lite (sort of) in that the main character is overly enthused, but I do hope it starts to develop in its own direction. As for Sasameki Koto, I’ll probably check it out though it’s gotten mixed reviews from other places.


  2. Snark says:

    “Wow, more yuri? Is this a fad in Japan at the moment or something? No thanks, do not want.”

    You don’t like lesbian rug munching? What are you, communist?


  3. Seinime says:

    11eyes, weird, like.


  4. Reltair says:

    @zzeroparticle: Yup, lots of series this season that have potential.

    @Snark: Wow, rofl.

    @Seinime: Yeah, looking forward to seeing more so that I can understand what’s going on.


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