Demon’s Souls Release


Demon’s Souls for the PS3 is being released here in the United States tomorrow, October 6th!

Judging from the favorable reviews thus far, this PS3 exclusive has potential. I played it for a bit at Anime Expo this year, and it seemed to be decent. It’s an action RPG (think God of War, Devil May Cry, etc.) that’s supposed to be insanely difficult.


I’m currently thinking about getting the deluxe edition over at Amazon, but still debating whether I want to drop $70~ on it now or to wait until it gets cheaper later.

Image Source: Official Demon’s Souls Website

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  1. Shinkirou says:

    A very very solid game, if you enjoy a really challenging rpg in a medieval setting you should definitely pick it up. As many pointed out the initial level is very a brutal trial by fire type of ordeal but if you manage to soldier out (read up on it or something) you mind find yourself investing a lot more time in it than you intended. Great game! get it now!


    Reltair Reply:

    Aye aye, it’s been getting great reviews as well. Seems like a solid buy.


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