Fall 2009 Anime Season: First Impressions (Part 1)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun


A different perspective from To Aru Majutsu no Index, instead focusing on Misaka and her friends. Since I started reading the manga a while back, I knew what to expect. More entertaining than I thought it would be. Kuroko’s voice is also awesome.

Rating: Very Good

Seiken no Blacksmith


The setting seems like it’s taken right out of a RPG fantasy world. An amusing female lead and your not-so-average blacksmith. Very nicely animated battle scenes.

Rating: Very Good

Seitokai no Ichizon


Reminds me somewhat of Lucky Star except with an eroge/harem-obsessed male lead added in. Entertaining to watch with bantering and parodies galore.

Rating: Good

White Album 2nd Season


Continues from the first season right off the bat. I was confused at first since I finished the first season quite a while back. It’s the same old White Album: characters being emo and messed up relationships. But I’ll still continue watching it anyways since I like making fun of it.

Rating: Meh

Tegami Bachi


Delivering mail is serious business. Mailman along with his partner (the dog) must deliver a boy to the destination address. His voice sounds familiar…

Rating: Decent

Takakau Shisho


What’s with these series that involve libraries and war? Quite a weird and confusing series. Hopefully the story will become more clear in future episodes.

Rating: Somewhat Decent



Who comes up with these stories? A guy turns into a girl due to a bracelet that also gives him/her special powers to fight with. Also, I guess it’s normal for no one to notice that there’s a crater in the road and a blown up telephone pole? Not as bad as I thought it would be though.

Rating: Decent

Nyan Koi!


Don’t piss off the Cat God, otherwise you’ll be cursed to turn into a cat unless you help out 100 cats. That’s what happened to the main character in this series. At least he can understand the cat language or whatever now.

Rating: Good

Miracle Train


So I just started watching this without even looking it up first. Who the hell came up with the premise? The guys are physical manifestations of train stations? Started to lose interest before episode 1 was even over.

Rating: Ugh

8 Comments to “Fall 2009 Anime Season: First Impressions (Part 1)”

  1. Seinime says:

    Railgun/Letter Bee for the win this season.


  2. Snark says:

    What!? You gave Sacred Blacksmith a Very Good!?


  3. No winners it looks like, but it’s kind of a shame to see a bad impression of Miracle Train. At least this should set up my expectations for when I watch it since its director, Kasai, has been among my favorites and has yet to direct a bad show. I guess I’ll have to see it for myself when I do watch it.


  4. Yi says:

    Railgun looks very good. Everything else for me just seems meh…


  5. Reltair says:

    @Seinime: Definitely looking forward to more Railgun. I’ll have to see more of Letter Bee to see how much I like it though.

    @Snark: Haha! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give it a Good or a Very Good, but it’s just my impression of the first episode. I guess I like the fantasy genre and the heroic journey.

    @zzeroparticle: Eh, guess Miracle Train just wasn’t suited to my tastes. Don’t know, you might find it good – each to their own. ^^;

    @Yi: Railgun is pretty fun to watch. Mostly standard fare this season thus far though. Waiting for something I really like to show up (DtB2 =D).


  6. voodoomage says:

    So far your good’s match up to the one’s I like so far… everything else has been meh.


    Reltair Reply:

    Yeah, my impressions have somewhat changed after seeing more episodes of various series. It takes quite a bit to impress me now since I’ve seen so much anime. =/


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