Saber Lily from Hobby Search


My pre-order for Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ from Hobby Search has arrived this morning.

The packaging is very well done with the figure solidly secured inside, and it even has bubble wrap padding the back of the dress. The exterior of the box has a foil surface that makes it reflective, creating an effect suitable for Saber.

Best figure hands down out of all those that are currently released, although I am biased in many ways. The quality and level of work required to make this figure is simply astounding. Even the base it stands on is epic. Good Smile Company has certainly made it worth waiting through all those delays on this figure.

6 Comments to “Saber Lily from Hobby Search”

  1. Leonia says:

    This figure is just beautiful ! You will make an review of her ? ^^


  2. Snark says:

    Nice figure. I notice there seems to be a rise in new Saber figure releases lately.


  3. I’ll have to see when I get mine. Until then, I still consider the Alicia figurine (from ARIA to be my favorite). Still, this one looks to be a strong contender just from the previews that I’ve seen and previews match reality pretty well as far as figurines go.


  4. CherylHew says:

    Aah, my own one is already in Customs, waititng to be approved… I hope they don’t have nutcase otaku as staff or it’ll be history LOL


  5. Raito says:

    I want to pick up this figure quite badly. since I didn’t preorder I guess I have to camp out at my local retailer?


  6. Reltair says:

    @Leonia: My new favorite figure. I’ll definitely make a review of her.

    @Snark: Yeah, seems like it. There’s also the Fate/stay night movie coming out next year too.

    @zzeroparticle: My brother has the Alicia figure, and I must admit that it’s pretty nice. Wait until you see Saber Lily in person though, you won’t be disappointed.

    @CherylHew: Customs does seem to take a while sometimes. I didn’t really track my shipments this time, so it just unexpectedly arrived at my door.

    @Raito: Hmm, don’t know what stores would have it. You might be able to get lucky at a local retailer. Otherwise, there’s always eBay – meh.

    I know that AAA Anime (North America wholesale distributor for GSC) didn’t get this product yet, so who knows. Unfortunately, I started Figure Haven when the wholesale pre-orders for this Saber Lily were already over.


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