Hatsune Miku CM ver. by Good Smile Company


The widely known Hatsune Miku from the Vocaloid series is presented here by Good Smile Company as a 1/8 scale PVC figure modeled after her appearance in the commercial shown below.

The main differences between this figure and the previous version released by Good Smile Company is that she is featured here with closed eyes and a white base with snowflakes on it.

This CM version of Miku is an exclusive that was only available either at Wonder Festival 2009 or at the Good Smile Online Shop. Priced at only 4,500 yen ($49.25 USD) to thank her supporters, this figure is definitely a steal.

Here are some other fun facts you might want to know:

  • Release Date: 07/2009
  • Height: 18cm
  • Sculptor: YOSHI (Torepangu)
  • Sculpting Assistance: Nendoron

Now on with the photos!

First up are shots of the entire figure.









Her clothes are a glossy metallic black/gray that goes along well with her characteristic teal. Only one foot is connected to the base with the connector being free to swivel. This allows you to somewhat reposition her on the base if desired.

With her hand on her headset and eyes closed, Miku appears to be engrossed in her music. This feeling is supported by her long twin-tails that seem to enclose the entire figure. An excellent job by the sculptor!

Next are some close-up shots.










hatsune_miku_cm_ver_15Even her fingernails are painted teal!


hatsune_miku_cm_ver_17The hexagonal base pairs up nicely with the base of the normal Miku figure that is instead transparent black with no snowflakes.

hatsune_miku_cm_ver_23The package comes with some tears that you can stick to her face to make it seem as if she’s crying.

hatsune_miku_cm_ver_22A side by side comparison of the two Hatsune Miku figures by GSC.

In my opinion, any figure released by Good Smile Company is a high quality figure that is worth owning. As for which version of Miku I like better, I somewhat prefer the original one with her eyes visible. However, the CM version is an exclusive and I’m a sucker for limited edition stuff.

It should be quite an abundant year for Miku figures with the Max Factory and the World is Mine versions coming out soon.

12 Comments to “Hatsune Miku CM ver. by Good Smile Company”

  1. nekosasu says:

    I prefer the CM version, and I am damned for never noticing this when it was available. Gorgeous photos. I’m soooo envious right now.

    Looking at ebay now, the cheapest one is about $160… definitely no steal anymore. Ah well. Gotta stick to the normal version then.


    kizo. Reply:

    You have a better chance looking for one on Japan Y! Auction.^^

    The last one I saw last week sold for 6,000 yen. Even with all the proxies fees, it will probably be less than $100 USD.

    I recommend waiting until November for a cheaper price, that’s when this version will be released again.


    Reltair Reply:

    Oh, didn’t know they were releasing it again. o_O


  2. Micchi says:

    I usually tend to like figures that have their eyes open more, but this one works because of the feel.


  3. Snark says:

    Hmm, to be honest, I’m not too big on the clossed eyes, something about it looks off to me.


  4. Reltair says:

    @nekosasu: Thanks, Ebay is just hit and miss. Have to keep on checking it now and then.

    @Micchi: Same here, but I agree.

    @Snark: Hm, I see. This is my first figure with closed eyes, but it seems to be fine.


  5. Leonia says:

    Thanks your for these picture, and this this presentation. It’s the first review that I saw about this Miku adaptation ^^ She seems really nice ^^


    Reltair Reply:

    Yah, don’t think I saw any other reviews on it as well. I really like it!


  6. Elana says:

    coolest thing ever!!!! XD i love hatsune miku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Reltair Reply:



  7. Snowi says:

    How can we order this


    Reltair Reply:

    Since it was a limited release years ago, you would have to find it on a secondary market like eBay.


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