Monopoly City Streets


Today marks the opening of Monopoly City Streets!

This is a joint project by Google and Hasbro to bring a (heavily) modified version of Monopoly for all the world to play together in using Google Maps.

The game is free to play and is estimated to last until January 31, 2010. If the website isn’t loading for you, they’re having server issues due to the immense traffic they’re getting. Updates and news can be found on their blog.

So what do you even do in this game? Well, you start out with $3,000,000 to purchase streets and to construct buildings to go on those streets. If the street is already owned by another player, then you can make an offer for that street. Almost the entire world is the game board; you can essentially buy any street that Google Maps has.


The world is your game board.

From my experience so far, it seems like buying property or constructing buildings gives you the opportunity of randomly receiving a Chance Card. The one I got gave me an extra $100,000. Another one that someone else got was the ability to build a Hazard. You can build Hazards on another player’s street to prevent them from receiving any rent money for that street. In order to destroy Hazards, you must get a bulldozer chance card and use that to demolish it.

monopoly_3Great, someone already built a hazard on one of my streets.

When searching for streets to buy, blue means that it is already owned by another player while red means that it is owned by yourself. What you want are the streets with the purple cards, which means that they are available for purchase. The starting price for unowned streets seem to be proportional to the length of the street, which is understandable since the longer it is, the more space you have to construct buildings to increase the street’s value.

monopoly_4Searching for streets to buy.

monopoly_5The Global Leaderboards as of today.

Seems like the #1 player in the world at the moment has a net worth of $27~ million; that’s just ridiculous. My net worth is only around $4.3~ million. =/

You gain more money every 24 hours after a street’s purchase time in the form of rent payments. To increase the rent money you receive, you build more buildings on it. The more expensive the building is, the more it increases the rent by along with your street’s net worth.

There are also the options to add either friends or foes, so opportunities to make alliances are there.

Definitely an innovative concept and I advise everyone to give it a try. It doesn’t require much time and you can also “own” the street you live on and build a skyscraper while you’re at it! (once their servers stop lagging that is)

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