A mystery manga set in an isolated village. Shiki is based on a horror novel by Ono Fuyumi, who has also written other works such as Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kingdoms) and Ghost Hunt.

Juuni Kokki is one of my all time favorite anime series, which made it a certainty for me to read Shiki. I also thought Ghost Hunt (anime) was very well done to the point that I was freaked out at times by the suspense.

With this in mind, I added Shiki to my reading list to look for the same great mystery/horror plots.

Source: One Manga

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  1. Hmm. Ghost Hunt sounds interesting. I may check that one out.


    Reltair Reply:

    Definitely do so, it was loads of fun. Especially if you are scared easily like me or just like the genre.


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