PlayStation 3 Update Adds Improvements


A PS3 firmware update to version 3.00 was recently released by our friends at Sony.

Right away I noticed that the short tune it plays upon boot up was slightly changed. The other most obvious improvements are in the graphics department. If you’re using the original PS3 theme like me, then you can recall that the background originally had slowly moving waves. Well, now it has particles/sparkles added on that orbit those waves. Bravo Sony, bravo!

Another noticeable difference is found in the top right corner where there is now a status indicator that displays all sorts of information.

But the main thing that prompted me to post about this update is related to backwards compatibility. I own the 80GB PS3 that uses software emulation. When Ar Tonelico 2 first came out, it failed to run on the PS3. I tried to run it each time after Sony released new firmware updates but to no avail. Eventually I gave up trying and played it for a bit on my PS2. Then I randomly thought that I would try it again when v3.00 was released…and it amazingly worked!

Someone at Sony must have been unhappy at the failed emulation of Ar Tonelico 2 on the PS3. ^^;

The issues that I’ve encountered so far are that your character appears to fall through the ground when walking adjacent to treasure chests, and the boundaries of the walls seem to go farther out than the graphics depict. Despite these problems, the game is definitely still playable with those issues being mostly minor annoyances.

Now I need to get around to beating it, but I must admit that I liked the original Ar Tonelico more. However, this sequel is still a solid jRPG for the PS2 with amazing music, an original story, and some innovative gameplay elements. I’ll probably write a review or something on it later.

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2 Comments to “PlayStation 3 Update Adds Improvements”

  1. nekosasu says:

    Oh you have one of the old PS3s after all. Those have a certain processor/chip that allows hardware emulation, but reports of incompatibility are abundant. I suppose the new firmware firstly addressed these models to improve compatibility with games.

    The newer PS3s still won’t have software emulation with the new firmware yet, though. Guess it will take a couple of revisions/versions before they can finally play PS2 games, too – then again, Sony could have already done it if they had wanted to, but since PS2 sales are still going (at 99 bucks each), they will still keep producing those… Once sales wither, emulation on PS3 might become a reality. :/ Well until then, I’ll keep enjoying my old, loud PS2. (Though, if Ar Tonelico was to come out on PS3… guess that would be the main argument for me to get one!)

    And by the way, I thought so too when I first started Ar Tonelico 2, but soon enough you will love it. 😉


    Reltair Reply:

    I definitely agree, Sony is just milking the PS2 for more money. But I wouldn’t blame them after all the money they lost on the PS3.

    Hopefully I’ll end up loving Ar Tonelico 2. ^^


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