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Just wanted to share where I acquire most of the images I use in my posts and on my site.

In the beginning, I think I saw that some images on other blogs were taken from moe.imouto. So I started using it as well and found nice artwork there.

Later on I heard about Danbooru, which I thought was just an engine that image sites such as moe.imouto ran on. However, I also found it to be an extensive image/artwork database and switched over to using that. One annoying thing is that you have to login before they let you search due to heavy usage.

The main concern I had with both moe.imouto and Danbooru is the large amount of ecchi/hentai images for basically any tag you search for. This prompted me to switch over to what I am mostly using now, Safebooru.

I try to keep the images I use on this blog PG-13, which is why I like Safebooru. At the end of my posts, I list the image sources for any images I borrowed. Most of the sources at the moment are from pixiv since a large amount of the images found on Safebooru come from artists that use pixiv.

Why not just use pixiv? I cannot read Japanese…yet.

Image Source: pixiv

7 Comments to “Image Sources”

  1. Micchi says:

    Ah, I haven’t heard of Safebooru before. I tend to prefer using screenshots, but I’ll keep this in mind.


  2. dood says:

    Bless you, I was searching for a SFW image site.
    Before I was using tags with “-” but I it won’t allow more than 2 tags if you don’t pay 🙁


  3. Koji Oe says:

    Oh, I never knew there was a Safebooru. I don’t mind the H images but when I need a SFW kinda image it is a pain to wad through all that stuff.

    Thanks for the link.


  4. phossil says:

    I started with moe.imouto and Konachan. Then found gelbooru but has a lot of ecchi images. I should try safebooru.


  5. Reltair says:

    @Micchi: I mostly use screenshots for anime only, but I can see how you would have a wide variety of images from all the games you have. Just load it up and get a screencap!

    @dood: Yeah, I think I tried that before as well. =/

    @Koji Oe: No problem, I know going through H images can be a pain when looking for something SFW.

    @phossil: So many sites running on Danbooru!


  6. Dumpie says:

    try if donmai is down


    Reltair Reply:

    Thanks, I remember wondering why donmai didn’t work until I googled and found


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