Aoi Hana First Impressions


I finally decided to give Aoi Hana a chance and saw the first episode of it. It’s one of the few Summer 2009 season anime that I haven’t seen yet.

Summary from AniDB:

* Takako Shimura’s Aoi Hana yuri manga has been running in Ohta Books’ Manga Erotics F magazine since 2004, and three volumes have been compiled and published.

In the original manga’s story, Fumi and Akira were close childhood friends until Fumi had to move away. Ten years after losing touch with each other, the two girls meet again as high school freshmen. The two struggle to reconnect after so much has changed, and both deal with the trials and tribulations of high school — sometimes independently and sometimes with each other’s help.

The main reason I didn’t pick up this series when it first aired was because it was yuri. At the time, too many series with yuri (e.g. Saki, Kanamemo) were starting to annoy me.

However, Aoi Hana is executed realistically as opposed to some moe moe series, which is a very big plus. The art style reminds me of something like Honey and Clover, and the music fits the slice of life theme perfectly.

Here are some screencaps:






The flashbacks are done with more monotone colors, which is appreciated. This anime definitely shows promise and I’ll be sure to finish all 11 episodes of it (so short!). Hopefully the yuri won’t get too overwhelming. *cough*

4 Comments to “Aoi Hana First Impressions”

  1. Yup, the artwork is definitely wonderful and there’s something about the characters that feels really genuine. Funny that you should mention Honey and Clover since Kasai, HnC’s director is behind this one and it shows in the way he portrays the characters.


  2. Snark says:

    Realistic lesbians? Now that’s an interesting proposition…I just might give this a look!


  3. nekosasu says:

    I think it was the series that made the biggest impression on me this summer, because it was surprisingly… good! I have yet to catch up past ep 3 though, but I liked it a lot. And I usually avoid shoujo ai stuff. (Crybaby Fumi is so cute…>_< )


  4. Reltair says:

    @zzeroparticle: Makes sense, it really does have a HnC feel to it.

    @Snark: Haha.

    @nekosasu: Nice, I need to catch up as well. It’s only 11 episodes though, which makes that an easy task. I avoid shoujo ai material as well. =/


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