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I am proud to announce the details of a side project that I have been working on. Figure Haven is an online anime figure store that I started with my brother.

Our goal is to bring figures to the U.S. market at competitive prices and low shipping. This is evidenced by our decision to cover all sales taxes ourselves and have a flat rate of $5 for shipping any orders.

As for the figures themselves, they are obtained from AAA Anime and Yes Anime. AAA Anime is located around Los Angeles, California, and they are the North American exclusive distributor for Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Alter, Clayz, and Atelier-Sai. Yes Anime is situated closer to us in San Francisco, California, and they are an official North American Kotobukiya distributor along with AAA Anime. So rest assured that the figures are legit and not boot-legs.

How are we different from the competition? We plan on only carrying select figures from high quality companies such as Alter, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, and Max Factory. However, we are always open to suggestions and recommendations to specific products. I also designed the website to be fairly simplistic in the hopes that it will be less confusing to navigate.

The emphasis of our stock at the moment is on getting a wide range of figures over getting a large amount of a few figures. So we do not have high quantities of each specific figure. However, we do have many of the new upcoming figures/nendoroids preordered from our distributors that I will put up on the site in the near future.

Unfortunately, our current plans only involve selling to U.S. based customers. Sorry to all the international folks out there. =/

I will also be posting any updates to Figure Haven on this blog with Figure Haven as the start of the title, and will create a separate page to archive all these entries as well. Feel free to leave suggestions/concerns such as improvements on site design, a figure we absolutely have to carry, broken features, and etc. as comments on these posts or on the Contact Us form found at Figure Haven.

We hope to be able to attend conventions as Exhibitors in the future with Fanime and Anime Expo as possible choices.

I will end this now since I have been ranting on for a while. We look forward to assisting in the dissemination of figures in the United States, and then around the world! ^^;

8 Comments to “Figure Haven”

  1. kodomut says:

    All the best in your project!


  2. I think that for me, a lot of what makes collecting figures really expensive is that shipping costs are pretty obscene, so that’ll be a major factor to keep in mind (and looking over at the shipping terms, it looks like you have). Good luck with the project!


  3. dans says:

    Sounds nice. Good luck with the project !


  4. Reltair says:

    @kodomut: Thanks!

    @zzeroparticle: Yeah, the cost of shipping from Japan was a factor in starting this. Thanks!

    @dans: And another thanks!


  5. Koji Oe says:

    Oh cool. I’ll keep you in mind next time I want to buy something.


    Reltair Reply:

    Thanks, I look forward to it.


  6. Micchi says:

    I wish you success in your project! Too bad I’m not in the US XD


    Reltair Reply:

    Thanks, I’ll look into shipping international sometime in the future. XD


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