Subterranean Animism


Subterranean Animism is the eleventh Touhou Project game. The games are mostly made by a person called ZUN, who does all the graphics, music, and programming. Quite an impressive feat for one person to create this game AND compose catchy music. The Touhou Project games are bullet hell shooters, a concept that can be most easily explained by watching the video below.

The character being played in the video is Reimu. When I first started playing this, I mostly used Marisa but now I use the same Reimu shown in the video. However, I am nowhere near as good and I only just recently beat it on Easy mode. =/

It runs on Windows and is a fun game to distract yourself with when you need a short break or you’re waiting for an anime episode to finish downloading, which are the times when I occasionally play it.

Image Source: pixiv

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