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Here’s an anime from the Summer 2009 season that I didn’t talk about yet. Princess Lover!

It seems like a lot of anime series have somewhat random or eccentric titles. Princess Lover? So someone that loves princesses? Hm, I wonder which girl the main character is going to end up with. >_>

A quick summary from AniDB for the uninformed:

Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scions of the rich and powerful.

Here you have a multitude of anime stereotypes all bundled in one neat package. A male high school student whose parents have passed away, set to inherit a fortune from a relative he probably has never met before, and a ridiculously large school.

Teppei’s harem is made up of a princess he rescues, a girl he meets at the academy, his new fiance, and his maid. Not bad for only a couple of days at school. Seika looks the most physically normal out of all the other girls in the harem and is also a tsundere. Therefore she wins.

princess_lover_2Charlotte Hazellink

princess_lover_3Seika Houjouin

princess_lover_4Sylvia van Hossen

princess_lover_5Yuu Fujikura

Since his grandfather is insanely rich, one way to flaunt it is to hire maids. Lots of maids.

princess_lover_6That’s enough maids for every room in the mansion.

Here’s a snapshot of them at school, minus Teppei and Charlotte:

princess_lover_7The two girls in the back are Seika’s followers.

As with all harems, the problem is deciding between the girls. Teppei is placed in a most difficult and unenviable situation due to this. *cough*

Of course, the decision process can lead to jealously and other unwanted emotions flying all over the place.



Taking into account everything I said, one should know that Princess Lover! is adapted from an eroge. I’ve seen many anime series adapted from eroge that were essentially fan service put into an infinite loop.

Princess Lover, however, is not as bad as I initially thought it would be. The visuals are nice, the characters are okay (Teppei annoys me at times though), and there is actually a plot!

On a different note, I prefer the eroge drawing style to the anime version, but they still did a fine job. Also, did anyone see the Kaiji reference in episode 6? It’s always amusing when you notice/understand references to other anime.

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