White-Glint 1/72 Scale Model Photos


As promised, here are photos I took of my completed White-Glint model by Kotobukiya.

Be warned – this post is picture intensive!

white-glint_frontFront (Full view)

white-glint_backBack (Full view)

white-glint_sideSide (Full view)

white-glint_topCenter (Top view)

white-glint_shoulderShoulder part

white-glint_jointJoint connecting arm to shoulder

white-glint_arm_leftLeft arm

white-glint_smgSMG held by the left arm

white-glint_arm_rightRight arm

white-glint_rifleRifle held by the right arm

white-glint_engines_closedTop engines with hatches closed

white-glint_engines_openTop engines with hatches open

white-glint_missile_launcher_openMissile launcher with hatch open

white-glint_back_engines_closedBack engines not deployed

white-glint_back_enginesBack engines deployed

white-glint_back_centerCenter back engines


white-glint_body_frontBody (Front view)

white-glint_legs_frontLegs (Front view)

white-glint_legs_backLegs (Back view)

white-glint_legs_sideLegs (Side view)


white-glint_faunaComparison in size with Fauna

Since this is the first mech model I built, I can’t really compare it to any other model kits. It definitely took quite a bit of work to put together, but the end result was well worth it. The number of movable parts it has along with the customization allowed (Regular, Assault, or Flight modes) is mind-boggling.

I don’t really want to play around with it too much and switch it between the different modes because some parts can fall off when you’re moving the joints, and it’s a pain to put back on. Otherwise, it’s a top notch model that does justice to the White-Glint. The amount of details it has is staggering, as would be expected with 350 pieces. However, some areas could use better coloring (e.g. Inside of the missile launchers).

The comparison photo was to show that these models are really not that big. Max Factory’s 1/8 PVC Fauna is taller than it if you don’t count its missile launchers.

Don’t know what White-Glint is? See it in action from the Armored Core: For Answer Intro!

*Amazing* game once you learn how to play, plus it has epic music! I think I’ll go play it for a bit now. ^^;

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  1. JZon says:

    Have to say model quality isnt that great. White Glint deff my favorite me In AC:FA


    Reltair Reply:

    Yeah, the quality wasn’t that good. Plus, I think the scale is too small for something so grand.


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