Adelicia Lenn Mathers 1/8 PVC Figure by Gift


Adelicia Lenn Mathers as sculpted by Hiroshi and sold by Gift, but distributed by Good Smile Company. I wonder why Gift doesn’t distribute their own figures; maybe they don’t have the infrastructure for it yet?

The Good Smile Company site has recently added this figure, which is where all these lovely images come from.

Let’s take a look at them:






The first things I notice are the folds in her dress and the twirls in her hair, both sculpted brilliantly. The choice of color is also suitable to her character. Purple was traditionally reserved for royalty, which in this case matches her perfectly considering that she is a descendant of King Solomon himself.

Adelicia’s dynamic pose makes me think that she’s standing out in the open with wind blowing to one side, getting ready to cast her spell.

I was surprised when I saw that this figure was made by Gift, but I think I had an initial bad impression of Gift due to seeing their “realistic” Saber figure. However, this figure changes my mind and I hope it meets my expectations when I see it in person.

The price tag is a bit high at 8,200 yen, but with a release date of 12/2009 there should be ample time to put together that money. ^^

Source: Good Smile Company

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