Anti-Endless Eight

endless_eightThe level of my attention while “watching” Haruhi.

The Haruhi fiasco that is Endless Eight is simply ridiculous.

I started to lose interest in it after the 2nd loop, didn’t really pay attention 3rd loop, flipped through the 4th loop, and then promptly gave up and stopped watching Haruhi.

A poor decision on the studio’s part, unless they wanted all this free but negative “advertising.”

Support the movement! Saw this on Ganbatte Forever! – a rant post by Seinime. ^o^

3 Comments to “Anti-Endless Eight”

  1. Seinime says:

    Thursday…it all comes down to that day.


  2. Martian says:

    Actually i don’t watch it, but if the story continue, i will watch again. The trolls can’t touch me, becasue i love Haruhi. ^^


  3. Reltair says:

    @Seinime: Let it end!

    @Martian: Haha, I’ll watch it again as well if the story continues. ^^


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