Kara no Kyoukai: Oblivion Recorder


So I got around to watching the sixth Kara no Kyoukai movie titled Oblivion Recorder. Type-Moon works tend to be darker fantasy worlds which is evident in their other projects such as Tsukihime and Fate/stay night. However, this one pleasantly surprised me with its focus on Azaka, Mikiya’s younger sister that had minimal screen time in the past couple movies.

I’ll try not to spoil any main plot details for those who haven’t seen this yet, which means that I’ll instead be focusing on Azaka. ^^

Since I saw the Kara no Kyoukai movies a while ago, I was confused at first as to who Azaka was when they showed her as a child. I thought she looked a bit like Rin Tohsaka – especially with the ponytails.

azaka_1Tell me that doesn’t look like Rin.

azaka_3I plan on having a library like this once I have enough space.

So Azaka has a brother-complex and decided to go to boarding school in order to be apart from Mikiya. The plan was to come back and have her brother see her as a “woman” instead of as his little sister. >_>

azaka_4Azaka’s mature woman look.

Unfortunately for her, she finds Mikiya with Shiki when she goes back home.

azaka_5“Mikiya, I’m homeeee!”


azaka_7A mixed look of disbelief and disgust.

azaka_8Shiki’s response: Smile and wave.

Seeing Shiki as her love rival, she decides to begin training to become a magus.

azaka_9Yes, that’s a doll of Shiki.

azaka_10The Shiki doll is now being incinerated.

azaka_11Azaka means business, serious business.

This movie has epic action scenes with fluid animation and vivid effects. I do wish they were longer and that there were more.

azaka_12Blocking an incoming attack. Nice display of colors.

azaka_13Looks kind of like angel wings.

Azaka excels in creating explosions, which is her main style of fighting. Her ability is similar to Akiha (from Tsukihime, Melty Blood) who can control heat.

azaka_14How I felt after watching this movie.

An excellent movie overall with high quality animation work, well matched music, and memorable characters (namely Azaka). The plot itself still stays true to the Kara no Kyoukai series with its dark/evil nature, but the atmosphere becomes more lively and is brightened at various scenes with its focus on Azaka. I’m loving the character designs as well due in part to my bias in favor of Type-Moon. ^^;

This movie alone makes it worth watching all the rest if you haven’t seen them already.

Also, the preview for the next movie was especially gruesome. I eagerly anticipate its release!

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  1. phossil says:

    certainly she has a Rin Tosaka resemble…


    Reltair Reply:

    Mostly as a child though. Maybe we’ll see more of a resemblance when the new Fate/stay night movie comes out.

    Can’t wait to see what they’re capable of now since the anime was made a while ago.


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