Yet another summer season anime – Kanamemo. You got your middle school girl being left alone after her grandma died and has no relatives to take her in.

So movers come over to her house to move out the furniture, and she gets scared that they’ll ship her off too. The obvious thing to do is bail and run away from home.

After trying to find a job all over town, she happens upon a job that comes with living arrangements too.

kanamemo_2The furniture is being moved out!

kanamemo_3Newspaper delivery store.

kanamemo_4The college girl that likes little girls…

kanamemo_5Chibi drawings, enough said.

kanamemo_6The yuri pair.


The newspaper delivery store that she ends up working for is run by an elementary school girl. (seriously, cmon now)

There is also some yuri undertones with two of the girls – kind of getting annoyed at seeing too much of it recently. (Saki, *cough*)

Otherwise, it’s a decent show about a middle school girl that looks like she should be in elementary school. Not on the top of my Anime to Watch list, but I’ll still watch it…eventually.

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  1. TrackBack URI says:

    Yuri “undertones”? Really? As in being hinted at? We must be watching two different shows then.


    Reltair Reply:

    Haha, my mistake. It is pretty blatant.


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