K-ON! Extra Episode


Rejoice! We haven’t seen the last of the K-ON! anime yet.

From Anime News Network:

The official website for the K-ON! television anime series has announced on Tuesday that production on a new extra episode has been green-lit. The new animation based on kakifly‘s original manga will be included in the seventh volume of the Blu-ray Disc (limited first pressing) and DVD releases. According to online retailers, Pony Canyon will ship the seventh volume on January 20 of next year.

However, January 20 of next year is quite far off from now. At least it adds something to look forward to for next year, right?

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  1. holyribbon says:

    what does the picture mean?


    Reltair Reply:

    Oh wow, this is from so long ago. It’s just a random picture I chose at the time. *shrug*


    holyribbon Reply:

    ooh. it’s creepy. ahaha


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