Umi Monogatari ~ Anata ga Itekureta Koto ~


Yes! A series that represents the summer we are all currently enjoying, right? Here we have Umi Monogatari (Sea Story), your semi-typical transforming magical girl defeats evil spirits anime series.

It is 12 episodes long, contains comedy, and has nice scenery of the ocean/island landscape. The people from the sea realm have elven ears!

The Sisters from the Sea Realm:



Priestess/Student from the Land Realm:

kanon_and_momKanon and her mom

chibi_kanon_marinThere are some chibi scenes found throughout the anime.

broken_sealUh oh, not good…

So the priestess from the sea realm (Marin) works alongside the priestess from the land realm (Kanon) to do some evil spirit banishing. Urin is just tagging along with her sister and complains at first. (annoying little sister stereotype)

At first, Umi Monogatari reminded me a bit of Aria due to the ocean environment and peaceful setting. Then came the magical girl transformation and my expectations were shattered. I don’t particularly care for this type of anime, but I find it decent thus far and will continue to watch it for the duration of this season.

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