Sora no Manimani


The summer season brings to us an abundance of new series. I plan on at least watching the first couple episodes of all the new series before deciding which series suits my tastes. That brings us to a new series I recently had the pleasure of watching – Sora no Manimani.

Sora no Manimani is based on the manga of the same name by Mami Kashiwabara and is currently still ongoing. The plot is your (kind of) standard childhood friends reuniting in high school after one of them moved away as a young child, but returns years later to the same town.

Here are the two childhood “friends”:

sora_no_manimani_3Saku Ooyagi

sora_no_manimani_4Mihoshi Akeno

Judging from the first episode, the series seems to be a romantic comedy. There are also hints that it’s going to be two girls (Mihoshi and ?) aiming for the same guy (Saku). I think having at least a little bit of romance in an anime definitely makes it way more interesting/entertaining to watch.

sora_no_manimani_2Saku’s mom being overdramatic.

sora_no_manimani_5Saku joins the Astronomy Club!

They both end up in the Astronomy Club together, with my assumption that the rest of the series is going to be devoted to their exploits with the other Astronomy Club members. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to the next episode. However, waiting a week seems too long; maybe I’ll just read the manga while I’m waiting. ^^’

Summary for those interested: AniDB

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