Anime Expo 2009 Poster Loots


Here are most of the posters I picked up this year at AX. The top seven posters are from the eroge Valkyrie Complex, the two in the middle are from Da Capo 2 autographed by the illustrator, and the autograph sketch on the left is also from an eroge. (>_<)

Here are some close up shots of the posters:

From Da Capo 2:



Autograph Sketch:


From Valkyrie Complex:








I still need to get poster frames for these posters. Unfortunately, the Da Capo 2 posters are of a custom size, so I need custom frames made for it. >_>

9 Comments to “Anime Expo 2009 Poster Loots”

  1. kodomut says:

    Don’t let me find out where you live. If you do, you will wake up one morning finding your posters missing.

    Any IKEA at your part of the woods? They have a huge selection of frames!


    Reltair Reply:


    Yeah, there’s an IKEA nearby – I was thinking of checking out the frames there but didn’t get around to it yet.


  2. Micchi says:

    Autographed Otome illustration: Do want.


    Reltair Reply:

    Shelling out money for custom size frames on those. Dang their random sizes! -.-


  3. suke says:



  4. yumetachi says:

    wow the sketch is uber impressive. me wants


    Reltair Reply:

    When I went back on the last day, the artist for Da Capo was also doing those sketches but she wasn’t doing any more at the time since the queue was already too long. =/


  5. Ravenfuuma says:

    OMFPG!!!!! (oh my flipping pockey gods)i almost went! but i was a year to young an no body wold take me! Q.Q how mean and i have good sketches Dx soooo close but next years is a good sign 😀 i’ll be there.. look for the gurl with pain’s eyes an black hair but a awesome outfit on! (im not sure what it will be yet but im making it as i go!)


    Reltair Reply:

    Ah that’s too bad, but at least you get to go to the next one. Plenty of time to finish making your outfit. ^^


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