I just randomly remembered playing the flash game NANACA†CRASH!! back in high school so I looked for it again.

You can play it on this unofficial mirror:

The characters in the flash game are from the eroge Cross Channel, which is what the above image presents. As for playing NANACA†CRASH!!, it is quite simple. The only button you have to use is your left mouse click. You start off with an initial angle that involves a bike ramming into the main character who goes flying. Your goal is to make him go as far as possible via boosts/combos from other characters standing on the ground and from aerial boosts which you use by clicking.

You get three aerial boosts for when he’s falling, and unlimited (charges back up) aerial boosts for when he’s rising. The characters he runs into on the ground give different effects. Basically, you want to avoid hitting the guys and also don’t hit the girl with the glasses who stops him outright. If you hit a character whose portrait is lighted up in the SPECIAL box, then it tells you it’s a SPECIAL and you can click to activate it – which usually involves the main character getting pummeled and gaining some major speed/altitude.

It’s an amusing flash game for those spare moments when you’re bored. My best so far is 5439.42 meters, what’s yours?

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