Miku Hatsune PVC Figure and Nendos


First released in September of last year by Good Smile Company, the 1/8 Miku Hatsune PVC figure has already been re-released in October due to its high demand.

Unfortunately, I did not start collecting figures yet at the time, so I missed out on this great offering. Miku Hatsune is the first installment in the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series (Wikipedia).



The quality is what I’ve come to expect from Good Smile Company. I like the vivid shade of blue/green used along with her long characteristic ponytails. In the first picture, a nendo Miku Hatsune is shown, also by GSC. In comparison to that, GSC has the Nendoroid MikkuMiku Kagami shown below.




This is Kagami from Lucky Star cosplaying as Miku Hatsune. If I had to choose between the two nendos, I would probably go with Kagami because of her cute expressions (^_^) although both versions are awesome. Once I get some extra money, it’s hunting time on the net for these figures.

Picture Sources: Good Smile Company (Miku Hatsune, Nendoroid MikkuMiku Kagami)

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  1. kodomut says:

    Kagamiku and Miku is a tough choice to choose from.

    Both are equally as good ^^ But Miku twin tails lets her stand better! I guess get both if budget allows =D


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