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FFXIVSource: FFXIV Official Site

At this year’s E3 Expo, Square Enix unveiled their new upcoming MMORPG scheduled for release in 2010 for the PS3/PC with new video footage that can be seen below.

Although the trailer looks great, it seems to be mostly or completely comprised of pre-rendered CGI which prevents me from seeing how the game is really like. As I used to be an avid player of MMOs (Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Lineage II, Aion, etc.), this looks really interesting. I never actually played Final Fantasy XI, but I heard from a friend it was pretty good except that you had to have a party for almost everything. FFXIV seems to be going along the same route considering the same team that made FFXI is also working on this.

Another reason that I would be on the lookout for this is because Final Fantasy type lore definitely appeals more to me than the Warcraft lore did, but that’s just personal preference. I also hope that leveling won’t be too much of a grind unlike my higher level experiences playing the official Chinese Aion servers (I’ll post about that in the future). Square Enix has been working on this since it was first announced as codename Rapture back in August 2005, so hopefully we’ll be seeing lots more ingame footage soon.

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