Comparison of Saber Lily Figures

With the onslaught of upcoming Saber Lily figures, I thought it would be nice to see them presented together.

First up we have Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ from Good Smile Company:



Source: Good Smile Company

The other similar offering is Saber Lily from Alter:



Source: Hobby Search

I personally prefer Good Smile Company’s version because Saber’s face is very well done and looks completely accurate when compared to her character in Fate/Unlimited Codes. However, Alter’s version is also very well done and I definitely wouldn’t mind owning both.

For fun, here’s the nendoroid Saber Lily that’s coming out also from Good Smile Company:



Source: Mika-tan’s Blog

I’m looking forward to all these excellent figures!

4 Comments to “Comparison of Saber Lily Figures”

  1. Kodomut says:

    There’s a Saber Lily Garage kit by Takeshi Miyagawa and another exclusive one by Max Factory which comes with the game too!

    I really like the Max Factory one too, but I think GSC’s is really impressive but it’s going to take quite a fair bit of space XD!


    Reltair Reply:

    Hey, I only got into figures recently and just PVC figures for now. The GSC version does really look like it needs some serious space.

    Thanks for the info on the other versions, I’ll look into them!


    kodomut Reply:

    Luckily, I think Nendo Saber Lily just might be able to squeeze in with GSC’s Saber on her stand.

    Maybe somewhere in that space in between her legs? ^^


    Reltair Reply:

    Hmm, Nendo Saber Lily is 100mm while GSC’s Saber Lily is 230mm in height.

    Possible, cutting it close though. I’ll probably just put Nendo Saber Lily near my keyboard or something.

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