Kureha 1/7 PVC by Max Factory

So I finally got a digital camera and decided to start doing some posts on the figures I own.

The figure that gets the honor of being the first covered is Kureha from the Shining Wind series, sculpted by Shunji Hagii from Max Factory.










The photos were taken using my Canon SD1200 IS and I think the pictures speak for themselves. This is certainly one of the highest quality figures I own with her complex and vivid garments that nicely complement her serene facial expression.

The figure was released a while back in Oct. 2007 and is quite rare these days, with prices on Ebay reaching up to $150 USD or more. If you don’t already own this figure, you really must see it in person to fully appreciate it.

2 Comments to “Kureha 1/7 PVC by Max Factory”

  1. cumbo says:

    I absolutely adore this figure, she has been on my ‘wish list’ far too long now! But each time I save the money to buy her, Alter or Goodsmile hit my wallet hard by releasing new figures I just have to get!!!
    My only concern is “is she a bit too girly for my collection?”, she’ll be sitting alongside other figures in my display cabinet such as Saber, Black Rock Shooter etc. babes with attitude and bad ass weapons!!!


    Reltair Reply:

    Whoa, I think this was one of my early posts when I first started the blog.

    I actually bought Kureha for quite a bit above the retail price, which didn’t help my wallet any. ALTER and GSC are releasing awesome figures nonstop now, I understand your dilemma.

    Don’t worry, she has an epic longbow. 🙂


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