Liar Game


Thus begins the manga Liar Game by Shinobu Kaitani. Here’s a quick summary of the manga from Wikipedia:

Nao Kanzaki, an honest college student, receives 100 million yen (about $1,000,000) and an invitation to participate in something called the “Liar Game Tournament”. When Nao is easily tricked by her opponant, she turns to ex-convict and genius swindler Shinichi Akiyama for help out of desperation to get the money back. Though Akiyama is reluctant, he agrees to help on the condition that they steal Fujisawa’s money as well, and that he takes half the profits as his reward.

Akiyama succeeds in taking all the money and winning the game for Nao. However, Nao and Akiyama’s success at the Liar Game is far from over and each time they think the game is over, they are forced to return again with higher stakes. Though initially unwilling participants, the pair choose to continue in the game in order to discover the true nature of the organization involved and to try to free other participants from the Liar Game.

Liar Game is certainly very interesting and has kept me reading it every time a new chapter comes out. The situations they encounter along with the solutions they come up with are what makes this manga worth reading. Head over to One Manga and read it online right now!

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