Valkyria Chronicles Quick Overview

An anime adaptation of the PS3 exclusive with the same name, Valkyria Chronicles does a superb job of bringing the characters and story to life. For those new to this series, Valkyria Chronicles tells the story of one of the two superpowers (the Empire) on the continent invading the neighboring neutral country of Gallia. The series follows the exploits of the Gallian Militia Squad 7 led by Welkin Gunther and his subordinate Alicia Melchiott (voiced by Marina Inoue, VA for Kyoko in Skip Beat! ^^) as they fight the Imperials.

The background and world setting shares many similarities with Europe during World War II which I find mildly amusing. There are also some inconsistencies with regard to the game’s plot, but nothing really major. The anime adaptation certainly expanded many of the characters and lets the viewer get to know them more as opposed to the game’s more rapid plot progression with emphasis on battles (utilizes an innovative battle system, which I’ll talk about later).

Great animation, interesting plot, and unique characters, what isn’t there to like?

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