Skip Beat!


Skip Beat! is centered on Kyoko Mogami and the events surrounding her as she enters the music/acting industry to take revenge on Sho Fuwa, an upcoming star, for dumping her. This shoujo manga contains both comedy and romance, and I believe that it is suitable reading for all ages and genders.

It was also adapted into an anime last season with Marina Inoue (currently the VA for Alicia in Valkyria Chronicles) doing an excellent job as the voice of Kyoko. However, the anime is only 25 episodes long and merely a fraction of the current plot progression in the manga. I recommend watching the anime if you’re not really the manga reading type, and then reading the manga afterwards if you liked what you saw. The manga is still ongoing and there is probably going to be another season of the anime in the future.

Go start reading the manga now, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. bobapearl says:

    i agree…i think a second season is HIGHLY likely…the last episode not only left all questions unanswered, but they even introduced a new character into the mix in the last scene. (that’s a pretty stupid thing to do if it’s suppose to be the end) another thing is that so far in the anime, the producers have pretty much stuck to the original story of skip beat. they didn’t make any changes nor did they add anything new. if the producers only wanted skip beat to have one season, they could have easily come up with some bogus ending that would resolve everything and end it at that…but instead, they didn’t…so that to me is a clear sign that they want to continue…SO I’M REALLY EXCITED! hehe


    Reltair Reply:

    The producers definitely did a fine job of adapting the manga into an anime. With the manga still ongoing, they have a lot of plot to continue going through – can’t wait for the second season!

    Marina Inoue also does great as the seiyuu for Kyoko. ^^


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