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So I guess I will be doing quick overviews of the anime this season as I get used to blogging. The series that I am going to look at today is Saki. This anime focuses on a high school girl named Saki Miyanaga (hence the title of the anime) and her encounters with the mahjong club as they aim for the national championships. In the past, she was punished by her family whenever she won or lost while playing mahjong which resulted in her dislike for the game and the adaptation of a playing style that always aimed to break even. To always break even in mahjong is actually a harder feat to achieve than winning, which the other members of the mahjong club quickly realize. One of the other members is Nodoka Haramura, a National Middle School Mahjong Champion that at first is put off by Saki’s dislike of mahjong, but they eventually grow closer and become friends. Together along with their club, they encounter opposing teams and individuals in mahjong matches as they aim for their goal.

Mahjong TableNodokaMahjong PieceSaki

Before I saw this series, I thought it would be somewhat similar to other mahjong series that I have seen such as Akagi or Legendary Gambler Tetsuya. However, it was definitely not what I had expected. Saki focuses more on the characters and the plot than the actual games that they play. When they do play matches, it’s more about their ability to win with flashy hands than it is about the mechanics of the game, but this is what makes it such an enjoyable series. Some people may be put off by anime series that go deeper into the game mechanics like Hikaru no Go, which teaches/explains to the viewer about the ancient chinese game of Go throughout the series. No need to worry about that here though, go watch it now!

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