K-On! Quick Overview



The first anime series from this season that I will be taking a look at is K-On! This light-hearted series is about four high school girls who all join the school’s light music club. The four main characters are Yui (plays the guitar), Ritsu (plays the drums), Mio (plays the bass), and Tsumugi, or better known as Mugi (plays the keyboard). They are all usually shown together throughout the series though it seems at the start Yui is emphasized.

K-On! has an enjoyable atmosphere with unique and likable characters. The plot focuses on their goal of improving their band/club in order to have a grand performance before they all graduate from high school. This series reminds me of Lucky Star, though it has a definitely more concrete plot than what seemed to be simply daily life shown in Lucky Star. Anyways, this series is a must see for this season if you want a relaxing anime that gives you a few laughs.

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  1. Sarah says:

    K-On is my favorite show! It makes me so happy.


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